Mamun Group has been entered into the world of Jute, the golden fibre in 1999.

Two decades ago Mamun Group started its demonstrable track record with its first manufacturing operation in Shibrampur, Faridpur in Bangladesh. Since then, the endeavor has been to set higher standards of excellence in Jute. The Group today is geared to set benchmarks in product quality, manufacturing processes, management systems and customer services.

Over time, the Mamun Group network has grown and abilities have been proven in tough international markets. The Group has a capacity of 47 MT/Day of Yarn and 100,000 Pcs Bags/Day and is a composite mill featuring divisions like batching, drawing, spinning, weaving, and finishing. The Group has started its commercial production in April 2013.

Building on steady success and consistent growth, Mamun Group expanded its capacity and presence manifold and it now has one of the best value added product manufacturing centre. Most recently, Mamun Group has developed a complete Greenfield unit featuring state of the art infrastructure and technology.

Mamun Group’s reputation today is synonymous with jute. This phenomenon has been achieved by our galaxy of industry veterans who work round-the-clock dedicated to excellence in every facet of business deliverables. Powerful support comes from customers and other stakeholders who invested trust and admiration for the Group.

Mamun Group is fully equipped to meet the varied needs of customers and to create enduring value for them. End-of-the-line focus on consistent performance inspired Mamun Group to blend nature with technology and conceive an interesting range of jute items. From traditional to contemporary, no effort is spared to enhance the value of the golden fibre.

A work culture focused on productivity, quality, employee satisfaction, growth, transparency and trust has made Mamun Group an integral part of global culture bearing the aura of diversified traditions, beliefs and customs.

Moreover, Mamun Group has been extended its business diversification to Geo-Tex Fabric, Poultry & Hatchery, Jute Handicrafts, Fisheries and Trading sector and rising day-by-day. The Group has been created a great value to its customers worldwide and contributing to raise economical development of the country.


  1. Bangladesh Jute Manufacturers Association (BJMA)
  2. Export Promotion Bureau (EPB)
  3. Dhaka Chamber of Commerce (DCC)
  4. The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI)

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