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Profile – Abrar Jute Bags-SMC Limited. (Uganda)

Abrar Jute Bags-SMC Limited was established in 2013 to offer an eco-friendly alternative to disposable Jute bags. You want to reduce your impact on the planet, but not at a cost to your business? We’ve worked hard to produce inexpensive, customizable bags without compromising our ethical values. We believe in making jute and cotton shoppers an affordable alternative for everyone, everywhere.

We adhere to a strict fair trading policy and expect all of our suppliers to support and uphold these beliefs. We have a strong ethical production process, and recognizes its responsibilities to workers for the conditions under which its products or services are made and that these responsibilities extend to all workers producing products or services for us.

Our proficient staff can provide help with artwork ideas and making the most of promotional, bespoke bags. They have worked with some of the largest and best known brands. The exciting bag creation process starts with identifying your needs and then designing the perfect bespoke bag.

Through constantly striving to improve our processes, we have helped change a traditional artisan industry into a modern process. We understand that one of the most important things for our customers and clients is protecting their brand identity. As we provide transparency and independent proof of the ethical integrity of our jute bags, we are entrusted with some of the world’s largest brands.

Jute Bags are an excellent substitute of those plastic and other bags which harm ourselves, by polluting environment, killing wildlife and lots more. With billions of those bags being made annually, they end up littering our streets, filling our landfills and polluting our oceans. Due to high demand of Bangladeshi jute bags for its kind, we try to export quality jute bags to meet global demand.

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of all kind of jute packaging bags as well as natural jute shopping, promotional and other bags. If you are looking for jute bags for any kind of agricultural, industrial or other packaging, we are ready for the best deal with you.


Our Jute is woven on traditional style looms and the weave can be produced to different specifications. These specifications refer to the number of weaves per inch, the higher the number the tighter the weave: 13/13 – 13 strands by 13 strands 15/15 – 15 strands by 15 strands 17/19 – 17 strands by 19 strands Juco – 75% Jute, 25% Cotton Warp Yarns are Jute & Weft Yarns are Cotton


We are using azo free dyes to produce our Eco Friendly Bespoke Bags. The natural color of Jute is very similar to a digestive biscuit – not as tasty but certainly more practical. More importantly, jute can by dyed to any color you choose and you’re not limited to just one color either. Why not consider mix and matching panels, handles, even linings?


Knowing that the public use our bags for all sorts of different daily chores, we provide a variety of lining options – so now there’s a bag for every occasion and eventuality: No lining – 100% Biodegradable Food Grade lamination – splash resistant & wipe clean Nonwoven Lined Other fabrics, e.g. Fleece etc


Bespoke Bags Handles are what separate the mighty bag from the humble sack. As we are all about bags, we provide handles in a number of different styles & materials: Cotton webbing, filled with rope Drawstring Flat cotton webbing handle Rope (with eyelets).


Time to really personalize your bag! The inks used by Asia Jute are water based AZO free pigments. These can be matched to any pantone within reason, but please note that due to the natural properties of Jute, there may be some minor colour variation. If exact colour representation is crucial to your design, please mention this to our sales team.


  • Fashionable/Natural look
  • Low chemical consumption during the manufacturing process of jute fabrics
  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • A trendy, ecological Eco Jute carrier bag, emblazoned with your slogan or logo is a real eye-catcher. A promotional jute bag is sure to draw attention and to generate exposure for your organization or brand!

We are leading Eco-friendly & reusable Jute Shopping Bags manufacturer& exporter. We can provide you good quality reusable Jute Shopping Bags at a competitive price without compromising quality. This is the cheapest item for using as an alternative of plastic bags. By using Eco-friendly Jute Shopping Bags you can save both money as well as our earth. Reusable Jute Shopping Bags are common & widely popular type of jute item which is used in general purposes.

We export industrial or agricultural Jute Sacking Bags which are suitable for storing high volume and bulky commodities. These bags are available in natural color with options for prints.

We also export other kind of jute Bags which are made of 100% natural jute. Jute bags are durable and stylish too. They are not only great for carrying groceries but also can be used at the beach and pool, as a book bag or for shopping in general.

The use of jute bags is increasingly becoming a favored promotional material concept such as shopping bags made of jute material.

Aside from the fact that jute is eco-friendly, durable and flexible. Customers like it that they can actually re-use their jute bags for other purposes.

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