RM Fisheries Ltd.

Profile – RM Fisheries Ltd.

RM Fisheries Ltd. is located at Shibrampur, Faridpur, in Bangladesh. RM Fisheries Ltd. is spread over 20 acres of land comprising of 4 cultured ponds, 2 preserver ponds, hatchery and many unused lands. The lands are earmarked to produce fresh water fishes during the season. The capacity of the facilities is to produce 10 MT fresh water fishes.

Objective of the company:

To carry on the business of fishes in any or all of its branches and for what purpose to establish modern fish culture farm and hatchery for production of sweet water fishes of all or any description and also to purchase

  • To establish modern cold storage and fish preservation plant in suitable place or places and to process and make the fishes marketable in foreign and local market.
  • To export the fishes in all or any of the foreign countries which are produced in own farms or procured by catching in deep sea and through purchasing the same from local market.
  • To establish modern hatchery in suitable place or places for rearing sweet water fishes for the purpose of fish culture of the company and also to market the same for fish culture in the country.
  • To procure by purchase or otherwise fishes from suitable and convenient place or places of the country and process and preserve the same for export in foreign countries by any means of carrying by sea/water, land and air.

Benefits of Fish Farming in Bangladesh

The economy of Bangladesh is mostly dependent on agriculture and agriculture related business. And fish farming has a great contribution. The main benefits of starting fish farming in Bangladesh are listed here.

  • The climate and environment of Bangladesh is very suitable for fish farming.
  • Various types of fish species are available which are very effective for profitable fish farming business.
  • Easy source of water and necessary elements.
  • Low cost labor and other management costs are also minimum
  • Suitable market for selling the products. Fish has a great demand to the people of Bangladesh. So, you don’t have to think about marketing the products.
  • You can start fish farming business in both small and large scale production type.

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