RM Jute Diversification Mills Ltd.

Company Profile

RM JUTE DIVERSIFICATION MILLS LTD. (RMJDML): In order to cope with the need for accelerating the growth of industries and to contribute in the national economy, the present project established in the year 2008 with the name RM Jute Diversification Mills Ltd. to produce only fine jute yarn, twine, CBC, Hessian Cloth, Sacking Bag etc. It is a private limited company registered by Joint Stock Companies & Firms and the Registration No. is C-72238(280)/08 dated 23/07/2008. It’s a100% export oriented jute goods manufacturing and exporting company in Bangladesh. The sponsors of the company have sufficient experience in this line of this business. The location of the project is at Shibrampur, Faridpur Sadar in the district of Faridpur adjacent to the Dhaka-Khulna highway. The land is selected for having it’s suitability for setting up such a project. The site has all the infrastructure and logistic facilities for setting the project with having available manpower around the adjacent area.

We started our commercial production from December, 2010 with the capacity of around 130 Metric Tons per month along with different diversified product. At present it increased around 600 Metric Tons per month and presently exporting the product to Russia, Ukraine, China, Japan and India. W. G. Classen of Germany, KONA-TEX Ltd. of Russia, Kiani Trading Company of Iran, Linhai Binhai Cotton & Jute Textile Co.Ltd. of China, Global Exim (P) Limited & Birla Corporation Ltd. of India are our present Buyers. We always maintain a huge stock of good quality raw jute to maintain a riskless schedule of production and shipment. A group of expert and smart employees are involved to strictly maintain the quality of product in every step of production.

We have an own well-educated and dedicated team under the direct supervision of Managing Director. All the officers are also educated in local labor law, company law, as well as environmental law. They are also trained in wages and benefit policy, health & safety policy. It has also a quality assurance department with 25 well experienced, educated, as well as dedicated quality controllers to assuring the overall quality of the product. The team is maintained and directed by a Quality Assurance Manager who possesses sound knowledge regarding the world standard quality or the quality that buyers expect. He is directly responsible to the chief of the project. The quality department is independently working to check the quality of all aspects and this department not working under any production people.

The quality raw jute is available in the project area. As factory situated in the area only cultivating the jute plant is call 100% golden Tossa called as HARD DISTRICT, which is around 50 miles of the jute mill located. So from the view point of localization of industry is excellent to get raw jute for making fine count of jute yarn.

The Factory will not face pollution and waste disposal problem. Proper plan has been taken for disposal of dyed water & chemicals. It is clean well with sufficient light, natural flow of air. The floors are well ventilated and well furnished with sufficient hygienic toilets. Toilets are cleaned and well maintained with detergent liquid toilet cleaner and flashing with sufficient quantity of tap water. Workers are provided with safe drinking water. Both side of factory is widely open. The project is also adequately equipped with safety provision like fire fighting equipments, first aid and medical services. 700 KVA /560 KW Daihatsu  prime time generator SIEMENS alternator with 6 cylinders, 4 stroke, direct injection, compression ignition, continuous rated, water cooled industrial diesel engine and arranged for electric start stop. It can run 200 hours continuously without any rest. So, the production will not be hampered due to failure of power and this generator can run 3 (three) months of time without stopping.

Our Mission & Vision:

Bangladesh is third world countries. National economy of this country is best with enormous natural calamities like food, drought etc. Besides, the country is facing tremendous unemployment problem. It is over populated and the per capital income is alarmingly low. While the agricultural sector of the country contribution about 65% of the gross domestic product (GDP), the contribution of industrial sector is about 29% still then the country is required to speed up the process of industrialization to increase domestic production for local consumption, import substitute and/or for export. The rapid industrialization will also help to solve unemployment problem. The Government of Bangladesh has therefore formulated industrial policy allowing enough fiscal and monetary benefits to attract the investors to set up industries, particularly, the government has put much emphasis for setting up of agro-based export substitute industries which will ultimately contribute to the valuable foreign exchange savings of the country. Some of the main features of the new industrial policy are:

  • To develop export oriented, export linkage backward and efficient import substitute industries.
  • To especially encourage the development of export oriented Garments & its backward linkage industries.
  • And above all, to develop the industrial sector in order to increase its contribution to the GDP, income, resources and employment.

The contribution of this sub-sector to GDP is about 5% and employs about 5 million people directly and indirectly. The country’s macro-economic stability because of economic reforms under taken in the recent years has been commended by the donor agencies and development organization. The export oriented labor incentive projects will bring valuable foreign currency, generate employment and broaden the industrial base of the country and it will prove to be major steps forward in the development process of the country. In order to cope with the need for accelerating the growth of industries and to contribute the national economy

Profile – RM Jute Diversification Mills Ltd.

RM Jute Diversification Mills Ltd. was established to offer an eco-friendly alternative to disposable Jute bags. You want to reduce your impact on the planet, but not at a cost to your business? We’ve worked hard to produce inexpensive, customized bags without compromising our ethical values. We believe in making jute and cotton shoppers an affordable alternative for everyone, everywhere.

We adhere to a strict fair trading policy and expect all of our suppliers to support and uphold these beliefs. Asia Jute has a strong ethical production process, and recognizes its responsibilities to workers for the conditions under which its products or services are made and that these responsibilities extend to all workers producing products or services for us.

Summery of Company Profile

Business Type Manufacturer & Exporter
Registration Joint Stock Companies & Firms, No. C-72238(280)/08 dated 23/07/2008
Membership Bangladesh Jute Mills  Association (BJMA), No. 222 dated 20/08/2015
Primary Competitive Advantages We have expert technical support personnel’s in different fields. We are connected with different sources of product, cost analysts, research organizations and quality assurance institutes to maintain the product qualities as well as competitive price.
No of Staff & Worker Above 62 and 1070
Year of Establishment 2008
Present Export Markets China,  India, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Africa & Europe
Export Percentage 100%
No. of Owner 03 (Three)
Product Range Jute Yarn/Twine

Jute Bags, Gunny Bags, Coffee Bags, Binola, B-Twil etc

Handicrafts & Cosmetic Jute Product

GO Product

Production Capacity/Month


Yarn/Twine:                 932 MT per Month
Jute Bag   :  aveSacking Bag : 24,96,000 Pcs. per MonthHessian Bag:  00 Pcs. Per Month
Services Offered Technology and marketing of different jute products
Financing Bank Barc Bank Limited, Head Office, Anik Tower, Gulshan Link Road, Dhaka
Managing Director Md. Shaheen Sahabuddin,

Date of birth           : 07.May.1978

Nationality               : Bangladeshi.

Religion                   : Muslim.

Address                                : Vill: & P. O. Shibrampur, P.S: Faridpur Sadar, Dist: Faridpur

Tin No.                   : 541376220496

National ID No.      : 8212919675968

Contact Number                   : 01713-048893, 01716-

Head Office Suite No. A6, Imran Mohona House, 35 Sonargaon Janapath Road, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka -1230, Bangladesh

Phone: +880-2- 7914058, +880-2- 7914059

Factory Address Vill: & P. O. Shibrampur, P.S: Faridpur Sadar, Dist: Faridpur, Bangladesh


Sl No. Description of Machine Quantity /Nos
01. O.D. Batch Mixer. Having a mixing tank of 1000 litters Capacity, 01 No
02. JUTE SOFTNER, Made in Golden India   02 Nos.
03. TEASER CARD. Made by Madhabi Engineering Works Ltd., India  01 Nos.
04. BREAKER CARD. Each half circular, shell feed, having a cylinder 6′ wide x 4′ diameter, 2 pairs of workers and strippers. Made by Madhabi Engineering Works Ltd., India & Golden Eagle, China  05 Nos.
05. FINISHER CARD (FULL CIRCULAR). Each full circular, pinned feed, having a cylinder 6′ wide x 5′ diameter and 4 workers and 5 strippers. Made by Madhabi Engineering Works Ltd., India& Golden Eagle, China   07 Nos.
06. SCREW GILL FIRST DRAWING FRAMES. Each having 5 heads, 4 slivers per head, 2 deliveries per head, 14″ reach. Made by Jutex Industries (P) Ltd., India. & Golden Eagle, China  05 Nos.
07. SCREW GILL SECOND DRAWING FRAMES. Each having 5 heads, 4 slivers per head, 2 deliveries per head, 12″ reach. Made by Jutex Industries (P) Ltd., India. & Golden Eagle, China 05 Nos.
08 SCREW GILL INTER DRAWING FRAMES. Each having 5 heads, 4 slivers per head, 2 deliveries per head, 12″ reach. Made by Jutex Industries (P) Ltd., India. & Golden Eagle, China 05 Nos
09. TRIPLE CAM FINISHER DRAWING FRAMES. Each having 5 heads, 4 sliver per head 4 deliveries per , 12″ reach. Made by Jutex Industries (P) Ltd., India. & Golden Eagle, China 07 Nos
10. SPINNING: Sliver spinning frames. Each having 110 Spindles, 4 ¼ ” pitch. Bobbin size: 6 ½ ” staverse x 3″ diameter. Made by Jutex Industries (P) Ltd., India. & Golden Eagle, China 02 Nos.
11 AUTOMATIC DOFFING APRON DRAFT. Sliver spinning frames. Each having 96 spindles, 4 ¾ ” pitch. Bobbin size 7 ½ ” traverse x  3 ½ ” diameter. Golden Eagle, China. 08 Nos.
12. AUTOMATIC DOFFING SLIP DRAFT. Sliver spinning frames. Each having 104 spindles, 4 ¾ ” pitch. Bobbin size 7 ½ ” traverse x  3 ½ ” diameter. Made by Jutex Industries (P) Ltd., India. 12 Nos.
13. AUTOMATIC DOFFING SD Sliver spinning frames. Each having 80 spindles, 5 ½ ” pitch. Bobbin size 7 ½ ” traverse x 3 ½ ” diameter. Made by Jutex Industries (P) Ltd., India. 5 Nos.
14. WINDING: Mackroll winding . Each having 32 spindles, 16 spindles per side. 10 Nos
15. TWINSTING: MKII LARGFE PACKAGE TWISTING FRAME. Each having 80 spindles.  09 Nos.
18 Power Loom 73 Nos.
19 S4 Automatic Loom 52 Nos.
20 Brought Loom 30 Nos.
21 Automatic Beaming Machine 3 Nos.
22 Hydraulic Steam Colander 2 Nos.
23 Hydraulic Press 2 Nos.
24 Dumping Machine 2 Nos.
25 Cloth Maturing Machine 2 Nos.
26 Over Head Swing Machine 12 Nos.


As our factory being located at Pabna near at Faridpur, so, we can easily procure world best quality jute and makes our products with this very high quality raw jute fiber and able to ensure quality of product which has earned reputation all over the world.

Traditional Products


Wooden, Plastic, Paper Cones, Coreless Spool and Double Assemble Spools.


Manual Knots, Spliced Joint, Staggered Knots and Knot Less.


Pallets, Truss, Bale and Carton.

Product & Product Range:

Count: 4 Lbs to 72 Lbs.

All type of Hessian and Sacking Jute Bags


Single to 5 ply.


CRT, CRM, CB, HESSIAN and SACKING with normal, spliced, knot less and staggered joint.

Binola, B-Twil, Rice Bags, Coffee Bags, etc.

Quality Control:

Since top priority to ensure the quality of products is of prime importance, a Quality Control Department has been set up with personnel of highly Technical and skilled professional background having long experience in this field.

Our quality control department is independent and fully equipped with latest modern equipments. As such it is possible for the factory to produce and supply guaranteed quality.

Environmental Aspects:

We are very much aware of the demand of the day for clean environment around us. To this end we have taken all measures to keep our surroundings free of industrial pollution. Apart from that wooden packing materials are heat treated in our own plant of International Phytosanitery Standard ISPM #15.

Destination of our product:

Belgium China Russia
Turkey Taiwan Switzerland
Egypt Korea India
Germany Iran Poland


Md. Shaheen Sahabuddin, Managing Director

Father’s Name                                     : Abdul Majed Mondol.

Mother’s Name                                    : Mrs. Najma Begum.

Dath of birth                                         : 07.May.1978

Marital Status                                      : Married.

Nationality                                            : Bangladeshi.

Religion                                               : Muslim.

Parmanent Address                             : VILL: Char Under Manik. P.O: Pachuria, P.S: Goalando,  Dist: Rajbari

Present Address                                    : Vill: Shibrampur,P.O: Shibrampur,P.S: Faridpur Sadar, Dist: Faridpur

Education Qualification                        : MA.

Profession                                              : Business.

Tin No.                                                 : 541376220496

National ID No.                                    : 8212919675968

Contact Number                                   : 01713-048893

Experience : He has long practical experience to operate poultry hatchery and Gunny bag,Hessian jute mat both plan & design manufacturing mill. Beside this, he has practical experience in the field of jute trading & other business.

Contact us for Inquiry:

Md. Shaheen Shahabuddin, Managing Director

RM Jute Diversification Mills Ltd.

Shibrampur, Faridpur Sadar, Faridpur,


Mobile: 00880-1713048893

Email: k.mamun78@yahoo.com

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