RM Poultry and Fish Feed Ltd.

Profile – RM Poultry and Fish Feed Ltd.

RM Poultry and Fish Feed Ltd. Incorporated as a modest manufacturer of Poultry, Fish & Cattle feeds, this Company has grown to be the largest manufacturer of Feeds in Bangladesh. We equipped with the combination of modern technology and skilled manpower to bring our customers the best and healthiest quality of branded feed products. This stringent attention to quality, hygiene, safety and customer satisfaction brought exposure countrywide. We are headquartered in Dhaka and our Factory is located in Shibrampur, Faridpur, Bangladesh. We are nearly everywhere in the country through our Dealers. We are registered in Joint Stock Company and we are the member of FIAB (Feed Industries Association of Bangladesh).

Our Mission:

Creating an environment where good factor is at its best. Sustainable growth amongst all stakeholders within this environment – that’s what we are striving for. To extend our operations throughout the country and to compete with the global companies.

Our Vision:

RM Poultry and Fish Feed Ltd. shall be a dependable agribusiness house focused on profitable, progressive, Eco-friendly and sustainable production of animal feeds which will satisfy the requirement of farmers based every nook and corner of Bangladesh as well as neighboring countries. We shall be a respected and responsible company for building prosperous Bangladesh. Our company prefers to adopt new technologies which will lead to our end customers. We shall always remain vigilant towards growth and prosperity of all its stakeholders.


  • Giving continuous effort to attract and retain the best people available in the market.
  • Developing and maintaining dependable and long-term relationship with the clients.
  • Sustaining solid growth without compromising profitability.
  • Maintaining strong relationship with a wide variety of development partners.
  • Achieving higher return on equity.
  • Grow and diversify sources of fund for operation of the Company.
  • Reducing focus on some particular client and giving stress on wide range of clients.
  • Embrace internationally accepted corporate governance and established sustainable business practices.
  • Last, but not the least, developing product range by research, analytical effort and field trials.

Poultry Feed

We produce and distribute feeds that are used for broiler chicken and layer chicken.

Fish Feed

We produce and distribute feeds that are used for Pangush and Carp. We are qualified to comprehensively support the demand of farmers.

Shrimp Feed

We produces and distributes shrimp feed that are used for Bagda and Galda shrimp cultivation. We are qualified to comprehensively support the demand of farmers.

Cattle Feed

We produces and distributes cattle feed that are used for dairy milking and Beef fattening farming. We are qualified to comprehensively support the demand of farmers.

Animals need balanced diets to ensure availability of all required nutrients such as protein, energy, minerals and vitamins. If feed is deficient in any of these important nutrients, the animal will perform below potential. The objective in terms of feed formulation is to optimize the diets to maximize profit for the farmers.

To produce a balanced poultry or fish feed, it is necessary to know the nutrient content of each of the ingredients used to produce the feed. While average nutritive values can be used in formulation rations, it is often found that the actual nutrient value of an ingredient is much higher or lower than average. The only way to be sure that the final feed has the required nutrients at the least cost, is to obtain a lab analysis report that indicates the nutritive value of a representative sample.

We also provide our services to other feed millers, farmers, suppliers at marginal cost.


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