The Rajbari Hatchery Ltd.

Profile – The Rajbari Hatchery Ltd.

In 1999, The Rajbari Hatchery Ltd. started its broiler breeding and hatching business. The journey began with a small production of hatching eggs. Having earned a reputation with top breeding companies for its hatching facilities, the company then began focusing its efforts on the integration of its business; this was the first step towards the establishment of the company.

We have deployed state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and IT tools like ERP that are in line with international best practices. We have a capacity of producing 2 million chicks every month. We own four breeding farms and three hatcheries spread over three cities. In addition, we have four sales offices located in four cities. We are, at present, in the process of doubling our breeding capacity by increasing the number of our breeding houses. The company is managed by educated, trained and professional work force.

The breeding farms house the broiler parent stock that produces the eggs. These eggs are then transported to our hatcheries respectively. The chicken hatcheries then incubate and hatch the eggs.

Our Company lay great emphasis on bio-security, hygiene and safety, bringing quality food and trust to the table of the consumer.

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